I have a very good host family.

“Good-bye, sweet heart!”
“Good-night, sweetie!”

These are my favorite sentences.

My host mother uses these sentences everyday before I go to school or before she goes to bed.

I like people call me “sweetie”, even it is just a polite remarks.

It makes me feel I am somebody to them.

Now, I miss someone’s stupid smile every night.

I expect to go to school at the day time.

I am looking forward to eat lunch and take the skytrain together when the time is just right.

I am used to listening to the strange pronunciation during the free time.

I feel calm when the person sits beside by me in the afternoon class, or I would be shy.

Sometimes we help each other, and sometimes we fight.

It’s hard to say “Good-night” to you everyday, but I’ll try.

The princess says, “Good-night, sweetie! Have a nice dream.”

with an extremely big hug~ 









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